Video tutorial: Marking History Sheets

We’ve published our first video tutorial on marking History Sheets. We will be publishing more video tutorials about marking and transcribing in the upcoming weeks.

We’d love your feedback about what aspects of marking and transcribing you need a pointer about.

Thanks for your contributions to Measuring the ANZACs. Lets keep transcribing!


3 responses to “Video tutorial: Marking History Sheets”

  1. Christopher Robin says :

    The tutorial on Marking on You Tube was brilliant and I now see how it is done. I have only been transcribing on previous visits to the site but thought I would have a rest from transcribing and do a bit of Marking for a change and could not fathom out how to start this process. Now all is clear.


    • Evan Roberts, Measuring the ANZACs says :

      Great, glad this was helpful. Please keep transcribing as well, we seem to have a bit of a backlog! Thanks for all your help.


  2. Christopher Robin says :

    ok Evan. I will carry on typing. Bit of a break next week on holiday. Will pick it up again on my return.


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